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greetings,Wondering what is the guarantee Mblhatvn and the fabric was also included in the guarantee?

(Hello,Guarantee includes drums and sofa chairs,Foam and quality tattoo procedure is,No fabric is not covered by the guarantee)
Bonjour embraced Islam vvqt,I'm sorry to Shiraz write you?
(Hello,Yes to all parts of Iran have)
Hello,I'm the annoying Yazd,It is possible to order the sofa's fabric I got close to see?

Hello,Yes,The model I chose sofa Vastvn and if approved invoice visitors.,Kalyth color to your address by courier or post anywhere you are in Iran's)
greetings,Wondering how I can represent it in Khorramabad Mhsvlattvn have?

(Hello,Please feel free to contact Bank and get more information of 4380173-0939Tmas)
Do not bother with greetings,Wondering how online order free shipping What is and Karaj are you?

Hello,To order How to order products royal menu at the top of your visit or the number 5288434-0912Tmas,Yes the neighboring provinces of Tehran have free shipping)

Customer Reviews :

– greetings,Sophia L. furniture that was delivered Arzvntr of the market and high quality,I was happy to purchase from your site(Mr. Farid Branch)

– Hello,Thank you for patiently answering and accountability Srytvn(Ms. Mohammedan from Ahwaz)

– Hi,Yesterday I was upholstering order data,Really thank you,I stress from the day I ordered what I'm Furniture Delivery,But now I am reassured by,thank you so much (Ms Bahrami from Shiraz)

– greetings,Wallin's model of furniture that was delivered in Sayttvnh and no difference was exactly the same to photos,I Arzvntr of the market and high quality delivery,I am glad that you buy (Ms. Marvi from Tehran)

– Hello,The quick and seamless and accountability nice thank you (Mr. Nad Ali,Branch)

– Hello,I thank the good services that offer saw,Everything was great,I did not think about my order online Mblmv,But now I'm really happy with my order,Thank you very much for your service (Ms. altar of Tehran)

– I do not bother,Really thank you,I took delivery of the sofa when I Datvn,Really easy and quality very Balas,Almost 3 million USD Arzvntr the cost of markets (Ms. Šāhroḵ Tehran)





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