Egyptian furniture(TOP Sofa years)

The process gilt wood to much patience and gentleness work requires a high. The resulting golden motifs, should at least Pages 25% Mm (0/000Inc) Have ....


classic furniture(The best-selling sofas years)

The word Carved wood carving and inlay work means one who carved the wood work to do. This fan has a very long history, to the extent that the embossing date can be attributed to the time that humans first met with sharp tools and wood is prepared ...


sofa(The most beautiful and most comfortable sofa)

sofa ( Sofa all fabrics) Furniture that all parts of furniture is covered with fabric and it did not long wooden handle and base. There are comfortable sofas and diversity in different qualities makes to choose the sofa need to spend more time on this issue. Home furniture, especially in sofa, working time will be comfortable for you with full information about the selection of your couch apply. Sofa Sofa such as steel has a different design and models can also select the text of the sofa to sofa, sofa also apply.


I came here the day after the final out of the soil Afshanm.

Our ascension in the furniture industry in the ideal trajectory and right step further and always more to achieve success.

Creative ideas, goodwill, customer-oriented, committed and creative team ... all have reason to conquer peaks of progress and perfection one by one we.

We are going to create a beautiful decoration and high quality Ideal, Iran and bring lasting art worthy of the name.

Now the rain proud to several countries, including the Royal Divine Mercy Production:Georgia, Armenia, Kuwait, the United Arabic Emirates, Iraq and is exported.

We hope to help believers and furniture industry are bright pearl on your side.

Royal Furniture manufacturing group features:

  • Creativity in Design
  • Modern design and updated in accordance with Iranian interests
  • High durability
  • The price is right
  • A variety of colors and products.
  • Fast delivery
  • Exclusive design

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Royal Gallery in every season of the year to collect works produced or are ready production as a package, you can catalog every season from spring through the Royal Gallery ( Spring decoration and new products ) Receive, we hope to contribute in the decoration of your home .